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Cascading Accountable Leadership: Unlock a Culture of Safety

Thursday, July 25, 2024 - 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM EDT

The vital link between culture and safety is well established. But many leaders struggle to create and sustain a culture of trust necessary for safety to flourish. These building blocks will help.
Join us as we share seven proven leadership best practices: Vision, Credibility, Action Orientation, Communication, Collaboration, Feedback and Recognition, and Accountability. We’ll zero in on the particularly pivotal role of accountability in activating these best practices to drive consistent and reliable safety outcomes across the organization.
Leaders at all levels, safety professionals, EHS managers, and HR and training professionals will take away:
  • Strategies for executives to use data to drive accountability and decision-making
  • Methods for middle managers to foster accountability and monitor progress effectively
  • Techniques to motivate front-line employees through clear expectations, engagement, and recognition
Key Learnings:
  • Cascading accountability and each layer’s role in building a comprehensive safety culture
  • Detailed exploration of DEKRA’s leadership best practices and how accountability activates them
  • Building trust through data-driven accountability
  • The three-part accountability cycle and how to keep it in motion
Your Presenters:
Tamara Jalving, Principal Consultant
Sherri Miller, CSP, Principal Consultant
Dan McGonegle, Vice President

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