Speak Up! Cementing “See Something, Say Something” to Drive Safety

Many organizations promote "see something, say something" to encourage their people to intervene and make work safe. But most don't go far enough to equip teams with the skills to actually do this. And they don't address the barriers that stand in their way, like archaic or "dinosaur" thinking about safety, lack of reinforcement from leaders, and a culture that doesn't walk the talk.
This webinar examines ways to remedy these shortfalls by operationalizing HOP (human and organizational performance) and leveraging it to grow your organization's speak-up culture. It specifically concentrates on the factors that support and enable team members to speak up to keep work safe and people protected.Join us for tangible ways to do safety differently for next-level people protection.

Key Learnings:
  • Getting past "dinosaur" notions about safety (including metrics!)
  • What is HOP?
  • What HOP looks like in action to support speaking up
  • 5 principles of human performance reliability
Your Presenters:
David Musgrave Vice President
David Musgrave leads DEKRA’s Human Performance consulting group with a focus on creating improved precision within critical work tasks through practically applied psychology and neuroscience.
Toni Fleming Vice President
Toni applies world of work insights, global social and economic trends, and leading-edge innovation to help improve safety outcomes and advance organizations through worker engagement.
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