Culture of Safety

In a Culture of Safety, the value an organization has for safety is embraced by leadership, visible in the physical conditions, observable in interactions and present in the way employees talk with pride about their safety achievements.
A Culture of Safety is ultimately about identifying and controlling exposure and creating an environment that is focused on total worker wellbeing.
Exposure is the condition where the individual and the hazard intersect. A Culture of Safety, therefore, focuses on exposure in producing reliable safety performance, properly controlling both serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) and catastrophic incidents. For this reason, a Culture of Safety is relevant both in organizational and process safety.
Focusing on safety alone does not create a Culture of Safety. Instead, a Culture of Safety is more holistic in the way it improves the experience of the employee, contractor, and visitor.

Why is a Culture of Safety Important?

Focusing on a Culture of Safety will ultimately lead to greater controls of exposure and protect workers, the environment and the community where they live. A poor Culture of Safety will produce:
  • Higher injury and fatality rates
  • Poor performance/productivity
  • Unengaged employees
  • Miscommunication between layers of leadership
  • Unsafe behaviors
  • Lack of results
  • Poor compliance

How DEKRA Can Help

DEKRA focuses on how a safe workday comes together. To do this, DEKRA looks to the social influences within the organization and amongst the team that keep work in control and occurring as planned. In examining the factors that create a Culture of Safety within an organization, DEKRA consultants rely on tools at the working interface — the systems, the culture, the procedures and the technologies — to help people make, not just make good decisions, but to want to make good decisions.

Relevant Resources

DEKRA has decades of experience with thousands of clients to improve safety performance and build stronger businesses. Below are some of our relevant resources to help you with your culture of safety.