Safety Fundamentals for the Front Line

Today, the workplace is in a state of flux. Returning teammates. New workers. Supplier changes. New protocols. Plus, concerns at home, ranging from health and safety to financial security. It all adds up to uncertainty. And this uncertainty affects your employees’ ability to think and process at work, not just at home.
Your front line is where the work happens. Leaders can create campaigns and initiatives, but front-line employees are there each day, doing the work. Do your employees know how to respond in the moment to protect themselves? Do they know how to work with others in a safe and controlled manner? Are you managing brain-centered hazards, like distraction and divided attention?
It’s time to focus on the critical skills that allow front-line employees to protect themselves. We call these Fundamentals for the Front Line. These solutions:
  • Help employees understand how to identify and control exposures.
  • Engage employees in creating a strong safety climate.
  • Make employees part of the strategy for controlling exposure.

Our Approach

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) : By using safety observations and feedback, BBS focuses workers’ attention on critical safety behavior to identify and control exposures. BBS also creates a common language that allows front-line workers, supervisors, and leaders to talk about safety.
Making Safe Decisions : With a focus on brain-centered hazards, Making Safe Decisions® provides front-line employees with techniques to take control of human performance and reduce error in order to protect themselves and coworkers.
SIF 2​.0 : As an evolution of Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) Prevention™ services, SIF 2.0 arms employees with the knowledge to identify SIF potential, proactively mitigate risk, and govern exposure control in order to protect and save lives.
Working at Well-Being™ : Focused on the holistic wellbeing of the employee, DEKRA’s Well-Being at Work solutions target physical, psychological, and social well-being to strengthen teams and create a psychologically safe culture that allows people to thrive at work.


Companies that focus on worker well-being realize benefits that go far beyond improved safety performance and reduced injury rates.
  • Increased productivity, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Decreased downtime.
  • Improved employee engagement, retention, and morale.
  • Viewed as employer of choice.
  • Protection of people, properties, and communities.


As the partner for safety at home, at work, and on the road, DEKRA is one of the largest safety organizations in the world. The company employs more than 44,000 specialists worldwide focused on increasing safety in all areas of life, including safety consulting, process safety, and training. DEKRA operates in over 60 countries, delivering a safer world through consulting, inspections, testing, certification, auditing, and training.
DEKRA North America’s organizational safety consultants are recognized for creating safer workplaces through proprietary behavioral-based methodologies, while providing industry-best return on investment.