Product Safety Testing

Comply With Product Safety Standards and Requirements

As a world leader in product safety testing, DEKRA has decades of experience testing and certifying products for markets around the world. We have proven experience in the certification of consumer, industrial, automotive, medical, and ICT products, as well as devices used in explosive atmospheres. Our experts guide you through the increasingly complex process of testing and certification, so you can get your products to global markets quickly and safely.
To build trust in your products and ensure access to global markets, we test, inspect, and certify your product against a wide range of product safety standards. Our testing certifies that your products are safe for customers, reduces risk, and protects your business and brand from reputational harm.
Our services:
  • Ensure compliance
  • Enable global-market access
  • Build trust in your products
  • Protect people and properties
Across our global network of product-testing laboratories, DEKRA’s product safety specialists perform comprehensive testing that covers both normal and extreme operating conditions. We offer a broad range of thorough and proven methods that ensure compliance with all necessary regulations and industry standards, in addition to customizing innovative solutions specific to your needs. We offer third-party testing and certification to almost all product safety standards, including ASTM, ATEX/IECEX, CSA, NOM, IEC, UL, SAE, and ISO.