Safety Products

We ensure safety

Because DEKRA stations are a destination for safety on the road, we don’t want you to leave our station and get back on the road if you have a bulb out, or wiper blades that need to be replaced. If your vehicle is in need of either of these, we can install them on site, and ensure your vehicle leaves our station safer than it was when you pulled in. However, because we are a test only station, you can choose to have these items replaced wherever you’d like.
Dekra Vehicle Safety Webstore
Our DEKRA Vehicle Safety Webstore allows you to purchase items to help keep you and your family safe, no matter your location. Just order your safety items to be delivered to your home.
Our DEKRA Vehicle Safety Webstore offers items such as…
• Pet Seatbelts - to keep your children with four paws safe while in the car
• First Aid Kits - to make sure you are prepared for any unexpected accidents
• Car Fire Extinguishers – to make sure you are prepared in the case of a vehicle fire
• DEKRA Roadside Safety Kits – This kit is a must have for every vehicle, it has everything you may need from jumper cables to first aid
Plus, there is much more, just click on the button below & start shopping.