DOT/UN Energetics and Explosives

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DOT/UN Energetics and Munitions - Safety Consulting Engineers

There are many reasons to test energetic materials in your workplace; frequently, testing is focused on desired outcomes and how well the material fulfills expectations. Certainly, performance, reliability and quality control testing must be an integral part of any product development and on-going product manufacture. For products that are energetic, these tests are often very rigorous to ensure a high degree of confidence in the product’s performance and reliability. For example, small variations in composition, particle size distribution, density, or shape can lead to large differences in energetic output, targeted performance or safety of use or handling.

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In addition to these high profile purposes, there are other reasons to test energetic materials. These include:

  • DOT/UN/NATO Shipping Classification
  • Facility and Magazine Siting; Maximum Credible Event
  • Risk Management; Incident Avoidance
  • In-Process Safety; Regulatory Compliance; Improved Process Efficiencies
  • New Business Opportunities

The team at Safety Consulting Engineers have years of experience in Explosives Characterization testing, conducting all tests to nearly any standard and for any purpose. Our Process, Chemical, and Safety engineers are highly skilled in qualifying and encompassing our clients’ individual needs into a customized plan, to ensure that the level of confidence in the product’s performance and reliability is met.

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