Product Testing & Certification Credentials

DEKRA holds a wide portfolio of accreditations in order to grant us the authority to grant certification of a product's conformity to EU Directives, NCB and CBTL, U.S. FDA, and industry organization standards. Visit our Product Certification & Marks page to learn more. Here you will also find a directory of products certified by DEKRA. DEKRA also specializes in Medical Device certifications with details on our Medical Accreditations page.
Our environmental testing laboratories are certified to ISO 17025:2017. Find our accreditation certificates here .

System Certification Credentials

In order to have the authority to grant certification of quality, occupational health & safety, and environmental accreditations, DEKRA is audited to rigorous on on-going specifications by several industry organizations including the International Standards Organization (ISO). For a full list of our accredited standards, visit our Management System Certification Accreditation page .

Automotive Business Unit Credentials

We take great care to ensure the technical expertise of our staff and accuracy of our inspection reports provided by the Automotive business unit. We're active in the automotive industry and in industry organizations including the Used Truck Association. All of our Commercial Vehicle inspectors are highly trained experts with great familiarity with CVSA and FMCSA regulations, and most hold ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Diesel Technician certification. Likewise, our passenger vehicle inspectors are considered experts in their field, many also holding ASE certification. Within our Safety Inspection and Emission Check stations, each inspector must attend specialized training and pass a test as mandated by the state or province to conduct inspections at our stations.