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EPEAT & Green Electronics

EPEAT product registration and conformity assurance

Electronic products are often produced under conditions that are very harmful to the environment and can hardly or only with difficulty be recycled. Since sustainability is becoming increasingly important for retailers and buyers in the evaluation, the comparison and the selection of products, it is necessary to make sustainable options for action transparent.

Conformity Assurance Body for EPEAT

Environmental and social sustainability becomes more and more important for consumers and institutional purchasers, when evaluating, comparing and selecting products. The EPEAT Registry (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) has become the definitive resource and comprehensive environmental rating system for greener electronics. It is based on a set of sustainability standards covering the following product categories:

  • computer & displays
  • imaging equipment
  • mobile phones
  • networking equipment
  • photovoltaic modules & inverters
  • servers
  • televisions

The environmental criteria cover the entire life cycle of electronic products, including specifications for product design, production, energy consumption and recycling, but also corporate responsibility and social aspects.

DEKRA is one of the first Conformity Assurance Bodies (CABs) approved for all standards and countries, with dedicated EPEAT-auditors in Europe, North America and Asia. Our 25+ years expertise in chemical regulatory compliance & product safety (REACH, RoHS, WEE), EU green public procurement, and our in-house labs and experts in chemical testing & energy testing complement our services. Through our services we ensure to make you “fit for EPEAT” and transparent and reliable in your product declarations and communications.

Your Benefits

  • Customized solutions for both small and large, EPEAT experienced and new manufacturers around the globe, meeting your needs.
  • EPEAT conformant products available to purchasers on the EPEAT online Registry
  • A competitive edge based on your commitment to environmental & social responsibility
  • Access to top-notch expertise and recognized international specialists

Our Approach

Our EPEAT Conformity Assurance experts evaluate your electronics in the respective category against the applicable Environmental Assessment Standard:

  • EPEAT Computers & Displays Category (IEEE 1680.1)
  • EPEAT Imaging Equipment Category (IEEE 1680.2)
  • EPEAT Mobile Phone Category (UL 110)
  • EPEAT Networking Equipment (TÜV Rheinland)
  • EPEAT Photovoltaic Modules and Photovoltaic Inverters (NSF/ANSI 457)
  • EPEAT Server Category (NSF/ANSI 426)
  • EPEAT Television Category (IEEE 1680.3)

Product and company criteria for green electronics
Requirements for sustainable electronics
The product performance is ranked into 3 tears:
Bronze: fulfills all minimum requirements
Silver:fulfills all minimum requirements plus 50% of optional criteria
Gold: fulfills all minimum requirements plus 75% of optional criteria


As one of the first CAB (Conformity Assurance Bodies) approved for EPEAT, we are particularly well-equipped to provide reliable green electronics assessment services.

  • We are an EPEAT-approved Conformity Assurance Body for all standards and countries.
  • We have dedicated EPEAT auditors in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • We have 25+ years of experience in REACH, RoHS, WEEE, electrical and electronic compliance, sustainability standards & assessments and supply chain management.
  • We have in-house labs and expertise in chemical testing, energy testing and documentation review.

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Management system certification is offered by DEKRA Certification, Inc., which operates independently from any consulting and training activities using the DEKRA brand.

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