Wireless Testing Services

Testing mobile and wireless devices worldwide

Safe is a device smartly tested throughout its life cycle

Nowadays, carriers and mobile network operators require flexible and customized testing that is tailored to their exact needs. Time to market is everything. With a solid foundation in various technologies, validated test tools and extensive testing facilities, DEKRA’s team of engineers guides you in the optimization of your time-to-market and performance with tailor-made analysis testing programs that run throughout projects.
We design, develop and implement test programs as per standards requirements for laboratory and field certification testing. We also define relevant KPIs and test procedures as per custom requirements. Following which, a test specification is finalized, validated and ready to be tested for your products ranging from and not limited to chipset, devices and network.
The outcome, a test report and analytics submitted gives an insight into all the KPIs and anomalies captured to help with further debugging and development/ optimization of your product.
Our customer types include OEMs, ODMs, cable and network operators, to name a few.


  • Technical knowledge of testing methods: Broad and deep technical knowledge of testing methods and standards, including performance test tools developed in-house and recognized by network operators worldwide.
  • Wireless and interoperability testing: Broad range of wireless and interoperability testing services and deep knowledge in wireless networks
  • Comprehensive service portfolio: Comprehensive service portfolio including an additional offering of regulatory services
  • On-site testing: We offer on-site testing, at your premises, as well as training services to help you gain a competitive edge
Non-exhaustive list of test areas for various industries are as follows:
Data performance: How does your network or data distribution fair? This can be assessed by knowing peak performance, usage distribution and traffic loading/off-loading
Quality of Experience (QoE) performance: Does your product/ network meet the desired QoE? We help you evaluate audio and video quality, user experience, call quality, network availability and application performance, among others
Radio Frequency (RF) performance: From receiver sensitivity testing to Interference impact and FCC compliance testing to frequency hopping: get your RF performance up to speed with DEKRA.
Operational: Other operational aspects such as performance stability, high stress impact, configuration modifications and device offloading to name a few, can also be tested.

We test (among others):
  • Information Technology Equipment
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Household Application / Electric Tools / Electric Toys
  • Electrical Lighting Equipment
  • Sound Broadcast Receivers
  • Railway Systems
  • Medical devices
  • Road Traffic Signal Systems
  • Mobile Devices
  • Electrical Device for use in Road Vehicles and Boats
  • Wireless (RF) / Telecom / Short Range Devices
  • Other electrical products
  • Automotive subassemblies
Selected recognitions:
  • A2LA Accredited Test Lab
  • Airfuel Alliance Authorized Test Laboratory
  • Allseen Alliance
  • AT&T Mobile Broadband Accelerator (MBA) Lab
  • Bluetooth
  • Car
  • CBRS Alliance Authorized Test Lab
  • CTIA Authorized Test Laboratory (OTA)
  • EMC
  • EMVCo
  • IEC
  • LoRa Alliance Authorized Test House
  • NFC Forum Authorized Test Lab
  • Open Connectivity Foundation Authorized Test Laboratory
  • Continua Authorized Laboratory and Certified Expert
  • PTCRB Accredited Testing Laboratory
  • RED
  • Recognition from Tier 1 network operators worldwide
  • Sigfox
  • UL
  • ULE Alliance
  • WiFi Alliance
  • In addition, DEKRA can perform testing to obtain certification authorization for devices according to the FCC, IC or CE authorization procedure.