EHS Compliance Services

Assess and confirm compliance with regulatory and/or internal standards

Protecting people and the community and meeting EHS regulations and standards while serving customers and running the business can seem overwhelming. Safety exposures and noncompliant practices can creep into even the most vigilant organizations. An EHS compliance assessment brings clarity about your current state and creates visibility to actions that mitigate regulatory risk and keep people and property safe.

Be Proactive and Prepared

Organizations may undertake a compliance assessment proactively for fact-finding reasons or as a pressure test to see if internal perspectives align with independent analyses. A compliance assessment may also be conducted in response to a regulatory inspection, a corporate audit, a merger or divestiture, or changes in production, products, or services. Assessments can also be used as a mock preparatory audit.
Regardless of the trigger, an expert-led compliance assessment accomplishes the following:
  • Provides a fresh perspective of requirements
  • Uncovers gaps and deviations from standards in documentation, programs, practices, systems, training, and facility conditions
  • Identifies hidden exposures to incidents and enables appropriate actions
  • Provides direction to achieve and sustain regulatory and standards compliance
  • Enables continuous improvement in EHS in line with becoming a high-reliability organization
Any organization subject to regulatory requirements or internal standards and at any level of risk can benefit from this service.

Gain Insights From a Thorough Review

To conduct the assessment, a DEKRA consultant highly knowledgeable on environmental, industrial hygiene, safety, and supporting functions documents protocols in detail and verifies them in practice through site tours/walk-arounds, employee interviews, contractor reviews, and more. Consultants use digital technology to document findings, including pictures. The output is a comprehensive report outlining areas of compliance and nonconformity, along with recommendations for closing gaps.
Following the assessment, DEKRA can help you create or improve written EHS programs that enable consistent performance and alignment of safe operations across your organization. Once these baselines are in place, DEKRA can also help you implement new or changed programs, along with accompanying training, job aids, etc., both at the point of change and going forward as your business evolves.

DEKRA’s EHS Compliance Services Are Flexible

Call our EHS subject-matter expert to create a plan that meets your needs, whether virtually for a point-in-time consultation or a hands-on visit to inspect your systems and processes.​ DEKRA can draw on the knowledge of its global pool of subject experts, enabling rapid EHS solutions and actions for virtually any industry.

Achieve Meaningful ROI

  • Reduce the risk of incidents and noncompliance penalties. By understanding your compliance status, you create the opportunity to act in ways that protect your workers from incidents and eliminate fines and penalties.
  • Improve insurance standing. As your actions improve your experience modification rate, they will translate into more favorable insurance premiums.
  • Support employer-of-choice recognition. A safer, more compliant workplace is where people want to work. Let DEKRA help you become an employer of choice, with benefits including higher retention, higher caliber of talent, positive morale, increased productivity, and a strong reputation.
Become a workplace that not only achieves regulatory compliance but also meets the industry or internal EHS standards you’re committed to. Take this opportunity to effectively control cost and risk and allow each employee to go home healthy and injury-free each day.