EHS On-Site Support

Environment, health, and safety expertise at the scale and scope you need

Unexpected vacancies, special projects, specific regulatory requirements or compliance challenges, business growth or consolidation — any of these can trigger the need for experienced on-site EHS support. DEKRA’s EHS consultants are here to help, bringing deep knowledge and broad cross-industry experience to fit your needs and schedule.

Your Partner For a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Do you have the right safety staff to execute your safety strategy and operational commitments? Your need for skilled, on-site safety support may arise quickly and be disruptive until resolved. Regulatory compliance is another level of complexity, and as your business changes, so may your requirements — sometimes before you realize it.
Hiring technical personnel may be an option, but it’s a time-consuming investment that requires careful consideration. In the meantime, current staff may not have the capacity or skills to fill gaps. And hiring may not even be feasible for short-term or specialized needs or for budgetary or business reasons.

DEKRA is a resource you can count on for ongoing, temporary, or urgent support when you need it, at the level you need it

Your employees and departments will have a collaborative and highly knowledgeable specialist available face-to-face or virtually. Over and above each professional’s core expertise, you’ll also have access to the knowledge of DEKRA’s global pool of tens of thousands of subject experts, enabling rapid EHS solutions in virtually any industry.

A broad range of services

  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Investigate incidents
  • Provide safety training
  • Develop safety plans and procedures
  • Evaluate processes
  • Manage environmental initiatives
  • Perform audits and inspections
  • Maintain required records

Meeting a variety of needs

  • Augment existing staff during high activity
  • Fill a vacancy during a hiring search
  • Provide specialized expertise not available in-house
  • Conduct project-specific work
  • Meet staffing needs when a full- or part-time hire isn’t possible

How Can We Help?

What EHS concerns or gaps are you facing? What are your priorities for improvement? What are your constraints? Let’s discuss your needs and explore ways DEKRA’s on-site EHS support can be your partner in providing a safe workplace, improving employee engagement, and maximizing human and organizational performance.
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