DEKRA Consulting

Safety at work is a universal goal that’s deceptively hard to achieve and sustain. Our experts understand the challenges you face and come with practical solutions backed by science and proven in companies worldwide. Let us help you address safety issues holistically and build systems, processes, and a culture that reinforce safety every day.

Solutions to Make Safety Stick

What makes safety so challenging? Workplaces are increasingly complex and evolving on many levels — mechanically, technologically, environmentally, and even socially. Economic uncertainty, supply chain disruption, shifting worker expectations, and declining trust all lead to more demands on people and more pressure on the bottom line.
Because so many factors work against safety — even human nature and how our brains are wired — a fresh point of view is crucial to determining the best next steps. Our holistic approach is grounded in the science at the heart of safety, backed by data, and made real-world actionable by our experts’ extensive experience and pragmatic guidance.
Use our expertise to drive safety through:
  • People. Building committed and connected leaders and engaged, motivated workers
  • Processes. Identifying and implementing compliant process-safety and industrial hygiene solutions that mitigate risk and protect workers and communities
  • Culture. Underlying and reinforcing every other building block of safety by fostering an environment where safety thrives and learning and improvement are continual
  • Problem-Solving. Bringing depth and breadth in tried-and-tested solutions, as well as creating custom solutions to address specific needs
  • Knowledge Development and Skill-Building. Developing your teams’ capabilities through the application of adult learning principles. We provide both standard and custom solutions.
  • Technology. Staying on top of EHS data with a comprehensive safety management system that increases efficiency, reduces exposure, and brings control, consistency, and continuity to your safety processes
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