Vehicle-Grid Innovation Laboratory (ViGIL)

What is ViGIL?

The Vehicle-Grid Innovation Laboratory (ViGIL) is a facility providing future mobility testing and certification. The laboratory is focused on increasing interoperability of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, increasing capacity and throughput of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) standards testing, and expanding testing for electric vehicle charging equipment. ViGIL seeks to transform the transportation sector to meet its 2030 ZEV goals and ensure a seamless charging experience for consumers in California and across the country.

Who is responsible for ViGIL?

The California Energy Commission selected DEKRA to develop the laboratory in March 2022. The project was awarded and funded through a competitive bid process.

Where is ViGIL located?

ViGIL is located at 1850 Gateway Blvd., Suite 925 in Concord, California.

Who can use ViGIL?

The services offered at the laboratory are open to the public. The testing and certification services will be of particular interest to:
  • Electric vehicle manufacturers
  • Electric vehicle suppliers
  • Device manufacturers
  • Electric vehicle charging station manufacturers
  • Charging point operators
  • Charging point service providers
  • Energy and utility companies
As an innovation facility, the lab aims to allocate 20% of its laboratory resources to universities and small businesses to encourage investment and participation in the EV industry.

What types of tests will ViGIL conduct?

The ViGIL offers a range of state-of-the-art testing and certification services for future mobility.
Services include:
  • Testing for level 1 and 2 AC chargers and level 3 DC chargers with CCS type 1 connectors.
  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 2​.01 and 1​.6 certification : Developed by the Open Charge Alliance, these certifications include interoperability and conformance testing to ensure proper functioning between the electrical vehicle charging station and the back-office. The testing includes charging station and charging station management system testing.
  • Fully integrated OCPP–ISO 15118 end-to-end testing.
  • CharIN compliance testing: This certifies interoperability between electric vehicles (EV) and EVSE.
  • CP/PP SAE J1772 and SAE J2593: Functional, conformance, and interoperability testing.
  • CP/PP annex A of IEC 61851-1: Functional, conformance, and interoperability testing.
  • IEC 61851-23 annex CC: Full DC charging sequence testing.
  • ISO 15118-2 and ISO 15118-3: Compliance and interoperability testing for EVSE supporting AC and DC charging mode, external means of communication (EIM), and plug and charge (PnC).
  • DIN SPEC 70121 (SAE J2847): Conformance and interoperability testing for DC chargers.
  • SAE J2894: Power quality testing for AC and DC chargers.
  • Testing Section 3.40 of the NIST 2020 Handbook 44 (Electric Vehicle Fueling): This code applies to devices, accessories, and systems used for the measurement of electricity dispensed in vehicle fuel applications, including EVSE submeters.
  • SAE J3051: Testing of pantograph chargers
DEKRA will continue to develop new capabilities at ViGIL, including:
  • ISO 15118-20 bidirectional emulation testing
  • ISO 15118-20 conformance and interoperability testing
  • California Rule 21 testing of bidirectional charging
  • Grid compliance testing
  • SAE J3072 conformance testing

Does DEKRA offer any other testing related to EV charging?

Yes. Through its worldwide network of labs, DEKRA offers a wide range of related tests and certifications, covering charging equipment, cables, plugs, and EVSE, including:
  • SAE J1772
  • SAE J2847
  • SAE J2931
  • SAE J295
  • UL 2251
  • IEC 62196-x
  • SAE J3068
  • UL 2594
  • UL 2231-1/2
  • UL 2202
  • UL 62
  • FCC Part 15 (regulatory EMC/RF testing)
  • RED (wireless testing)
  • IEC 61851-1
  • IEC 61851-23
  • IEC 61851-21-1
  • IEC 61851-21-2
  • ISO 17409
  • Cybersecurity evaluations and certifications , including IEC 62443-4-2 and penetration testing

Will all tests be conducted at ViGIL, or can they be performed at other locations?

Testing can be performed at ViGIL, another DEKRA laboratory, or on-site at a manufacturer’s preferred location. ViGIL builds upon DEKRA’s capabilities in EV and EVSE charging globally, including facilities for OCPP, CharIN, safety, and EMC testing in Sterling, Virginia, and Arnhem, Netherlands.

Does DEKRA offer other kinds of testing?

Through its worldwide network of laboratories, DEKRA offers an extensive range of testing services for electric, connected, and automated vehicles, including laboratory testing, field testing, and regulatory certification services, such as FCC Part 15 and Part 90 for U.S. market access. We also offer comprehensive cybersecurity evaluations and certification of products, processes, and systems .

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information on ViGIL, please fill out the contact form below.
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