Environmental Testing Services

Test and Confirm Product Performance

Can your products stand the tests of time and conditions? Almost all products are exposed to various environmental conditions during their life, such as extreme temperatures (cold and hot), humidity, altitude, and vibration.
Our environmental testing services simulate these conditions to determine the effects on the product and/or packaging. Combining technical experience with expanded capacity ensures efficiently and flexibly, so your projects stay on track.

Serving diverse industries with a wide variety of environmental tests

Many Industries rely on us to provide environmental simulation testing services to improve product reliability. These can include products used in industries such as automotive, electronics, medical, telecommunications, aeronautics, and more.
Our environmental test labs are certified to ISO 17025 and offer custom, tailored services that simulate the real-life effects caused by a variety of environmental extremes and climatic conditions. We have the capacity to complete your testing in the time frame you require, whether your application is just one sample or a large batch of products. We are flexible to meet your project needs.
Our 37 environmental chambers, 2 altitude chambers, 6 vibration tables, and 2 corrosion chambers simulate most industry standards; however our team also designs specialized testing programs to meet your needs
We test products to a variety of test standards. All of our test laboratories are equipped to meet a variety of commercial, automotive, medical, and military test standards, as well as a broad range of customer-defined test specifications.

Standards We Frequently Test

    ASTM Environmental Test Standards

    • Packaging and Shipping Testing (e.g. ASTM D 4169)
    • Shock and Vibration Testing (e.g. ASTM C 192, ASTM D 3580, ASTM D 999)
    • Accelerated Aging Testing (e.g. ASTM D 5427, ASTM F 1980)
    • Corrosion, Salt Fog and Salt Spray Tests (e.g. ASTM A 380, ASTM B 117, ASTM D 610, etc.)
    • Temperature and Humidity Test Standards (e.g. ASTM A 194, ASTM C 272, ASTM D 380, etc.)

    We Test a Wide Variety of Products

    DEKRA provides environmental testing services for virtually any product, whether everyday consumer goods or industry-specialized technologies. Contact us about your specific needs.
    Automotive Accessories

    Automotive Accessories

    • EV charging stations
    • Garage door openers
    • Infotainment consoles & display panels
    • LED lights
    • Radios & CD players
    • Satellite receivers
    • Speakers
    • Tires
    • Tolling readers & tags
    • Vehicle onboard units
    • Wiper blades
    Automotive Components
    Healthcare Equipment
    Household Goods
    Why DEKRA?
    • Acceptance and Recognition. Both the DEKRA brand and our certifications enjoy high acceptance and recognition around the world.
    • Highly Respected. DEKRA is a respected notified body and is recognized for testing and certifying products according to many national and international standards.
    • Specialized Knowledge. Our experts have extensive experience in a range of certifications, marks, and standards. When you work with DEKRA, we share our specialized knowledge and expertise with you.
    • Objective Guidance. We specialize in complex and time-sensitive situations. Our expertise and objective guidance will ensure that you stay on track.
    • Industry-Leading Expertise. We participate in standardization committees and innovative industry consortia to offer up-to-date guidance related to existing and developing standards.