Medium & High Voltage

Reliable equipment is paramount to a safe energy production

For power grid operators and utility companies the reliability of their power transmission and distribution equipment installed in their network is vital. Investments in grid renewal and extensions are costly; equipment needs to last for decades. On top of that, it is important to eliminate electrical failures, reduce power outages, and increase the safety of people who work in critical environments.
A safe power grid, safe equipment and systems, adequate processes and trained employees are paramount. By working with an independent third party like DEKRA, manufacturers can prove that their products have been tested according to international standards, meet end-user specifications, and relevant safety regulations. At the same time, grid operators and utility companies can rely on our certificates, reports, and verification services to assure the required level of reliability and safety.
DEKRA makes sure that manufacturers comply with international standards, national deviations and end-user specifications to maintain a high level of safety and reliability. We offer you the complete scope of low, medium and high voltage testing for power transmission & distribution equipment. Our services are applicable to equipment manufacturers, energy utility companies, grid operators and large-scale energy users, amongst others.

High voltage laboratory

DEKRA is an approved third party inspection and testing company by power grid operators and utility companies in a large number of countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America. VEIKI-VNL joined the DEKRA family in 2017 and complements DEKRA’s capabilities with a broad range of in-house testing services, e.g. short circuit testing (including short-circuit testing liaison [STL] membership), high voltage testing and temperature rise testing as well as aging tests. VEIKI-VNL supplies its services to reputable national and international transmission and distribution (T&D) equipment manufacturers as well as energy utility companies in over 40 countries on all continents.


  • Expert knowledge of standards: Our experts have profound knowledge of standards, supported by their active participation in consortia and standardization groups.
  • Flexible testing routes: We offer very flexible testing routes: in our DEKRA labs in Dubai, Hungary, Asia, or the Netherlands. Or in your own laboratory or third-party lab under supervision.
  • Widely recognized certificates: Our test certificates and test reports are widely recognized and accepted by grid operators, utility companies, end users, governments, and more around the world.
Selected recognitions
  • ISO 17065
  • ISO 17025
  • ISO 17020
  • National Certification Body (NCB) within the IECEE CB scheme and operator of CB
  • Notified Body (NB) for various European Directives
  • Short-circuit Testing Liaison (STL) member
  • Certification Body and Testing Laboratory approved by a wide range of government authorities, end users and consultants in Europe, the Middle East and Asia

Our services

Typical services we offer include type testing, product certification, production supervision, factory acceptance tests, quality assurance, factory inspections, non-destructive testing, failure investigations, and inspections as part of asset management programs. We believe testing should be done as close as possible to manufacturers and end users. That’s why we offer testing near your premises, either in one of the DEKRA laboratories, your own laboratory under DEKRA supervision or in one of our associated third-party laboratories under DEKRA supervision.
We provide local services to help you extend your global reach
Our testing laboratories are located in the Netherlands, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates and China. In addition, our Dutch and China-based high-voltage inspection teams witness type testing at manufacturers’ sites and/or third-party laboratories around the world, including in Europe, the Middle East, South Korea, China, Japan and the USA.
Our certificates and test reports are widely recognized and accepted by grid operators, utility companies, end users, governments, authorities and other stakeholders around the world. We can provide you with a reference list on request. The DEKRA services cover a wide range of products and standards for which we are accredited as a testing laboratory (ISO-IEC 17025), as an inspection body (ISO-IEC 17020) and as a Certification Body (ISO-IEC 17065). Our employees are highly qualified and experienced, and personal references can be provided on request.
Middle East
The DEKRA Middle East Testing Laboratory, located in Dubai, UAE, performs tests for products such as switchgear assemblies, cables, busbar trunking systems and packaged substations in line with national and international standards and client-specific requirements. In addition, preliminary testing is performed during the product design phase.
Active in the entire energy grid
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