Parts Restriction Programs

DEKRA’s parts restriction program helps automotive manufacturers control repair quality and improve the customer experience. The program verifies that a collision center has met specific standards, such as training, tools, and equipment before it is eligible to order a restricted part. By confirming the center’s qualifications and managing the distribution of restricted parts, automotive manufacturers can improve the safety and quality of repairs, as well as customer satisfaction.

Custom Program Development

DEKRA can help you develop, manage, and optimize a custom parts restriction program for your brand.
Your program can be tailored to your needs by:
  • Creating a custom process and workflow for requesting restricted parts
  • Specifying repairer requirements and qualifications in order to access restricted parts
  • Automating the parts request process
  • Offering live validation of data and requests by DEKRA or OEM users
Every element of your parts restriction program, from design to implementation, can be customized to meet your needs. A customized parts restriction program ensures that your repairers stay up to date with the latest technology and training and have the tools and equipment required for each repair.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of your parts restriction program and data are paramount. That’s why DEKRA offers a range of security features, including an enhanced, two-factor security login for parts restriction programs and dashboards. Additionally, we offer a closed-loop authorized-user system, which can be fully controlled by the manufacturer or DEKRA, to protect the system from unauthorized access. We also ensure that all data, documents, and information from your program are securely stored in our cloud-based document management system.


Our solutions:
  • Improve repair quality and reduce potential liability
  • Improve process efficiency, significantly reducing time required to administer the program
  • Provide greater insight into your networks’ performance and opportunities
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction


Our parts restriction program gives you enhanced visibility into the repair process using cloud-based, secure solutions. This allows you to review estimates, use of repair procedures, and photos of damaged vehicles in order to monitor quality throughout the process.
Our proprietary quality-control (QC) technology, DEKRA iQC Live , is a turnkey solution. It offers a cloud-based portal customized to your company’s QC standards to create a one-stop shop for information and approvals throughout the parts request and repair process. The portal also allows you to generate reports, identify trends, and create custom dashboards. Learn more about iQC Live​.
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