AS9100 Certification for Aerospace Quality Management

AS9100 Certification for Aerospace Quality Management

In the aerospace and defense industry, safety, reliability and quality are paramount. This applies to manufacturers and suppliers in the field of development as well as in production and maintenance. Comprehensive quality management along the entire supply chain is therefore urgently required.

Customers, manufacturers, and aviation authorities demand exceptional performance. As a result, the proven quality management standard ISO 9001:2015 has been modified by industry experts into the sector-specific AS9100 standard. Aerospace organizations are certified to AS9100, documenting their commitment to the best possible quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Certified companies are also included in the international online database IAQG (OASIS database), which can serve as an effective introduction to potential customers. Well-known producers in the industry now even regard certification of suppliers in accordance with AS9100 as a prerequisite for joint cooperation.
By certifying your quality management system to AS9100, you will build trust with your customers and demonstrate reliability. Our experienced auditors carry out comprehensive analyses and assessments of potential risks and develop plans for successful quality management.

Your Successful Certification to AS9100

The AS9100 series of standards, valid worldwide, is regarded as a quality standard for manufacturers, dealers and maintenance personnel in the aerospace and defense industry. The contents of the American standard AS9100 and the Asian standard JISQ 9100 are identical. In September 2015, the revised AS9100 series of standards was published, introducing high-level structure (HLS). The adaptation of the standard enabled compatibility with ISO 9001:2015 .
According to the standard, we offer certifications for QM systems of the following business types:
At the core of the standard is a test of the QM system’s documentation, processes, and performance, tailored to the requirements of the aerospace and defense industry. These include, for example, risk analyses that identify and assess internal and operational risks, allowing companies to sustainably improve their processes and boost their competitive edge.
There are just a few steps to getting AS9100 certified:
  1. Initial discussion
    Examination of the gernal operational audit capability
  2. Stage 1 audit
    Rough audit capability check, document check, main audit planning
  3. Stage 2 audit (main audit)
    Detailed testing of the QMS setup, processes, and documentation; measurement and evaluation of process performance with PEAR forms
  4. Follow-up audit (optional)
    Review of corrective measures resulting from the main audit
  5. Surveillance or recertification audit
    Annual surveillance and renewal after three years

Meeting high quality standards with AS9100 certification

As a supplier or manufacturer in the aerospace and defense industry, you are obligated to meet special requirements. Certification to AS9100 gives you the opportunity to do so while reducing vulnerabilities and costs and communicating your potential as a reliable and trustworthy partner. Listing in the IAQG database (OASIS database) also opens up worldwide market access for your company, which can significantly increase your competitiveness.

Certification of management systems in the aerospace industry

With a quality management system certified to AS9100, you'll lay the foundation for ongoing business success. Our experts have many years of experience in the field of management system certification for the aerospace and defense industry. We are qualified experts for the assessment of business processes and the successful certification of your quality management system to AS9100.
In addition, we can offer you the opportunity to earn certification to other standards, such as ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 , or ISO 45001, or to reap the benefits of integrated audits and combined certification.
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