Machine Conformity Assessments

Safety for the Life Cycle of Your Machinery

Machine safety is critical to protect your employees, property, and business. However, it is also a complex topic that requires cross-functional thinking and a diverse skill set. To meet your needs, DEKRA offers consultation on industrial-machine safety from design to installation and beyond.
We offer support for:
  • Equipment design and CE marking
  • Installation
  • Purchase or sale of new and used machinery
  • Certification-requirement compliance
  • Modification of machinery
  • Regulatory compliance and inspection
  • Risk audit

Safety Support for the Life Cycle of Your Machinery

1. Preliminary Design

From the start, we consider safety with the development of specifications in collaboration with the manufacturer, the integrator, and the future user. We identify the applicable regulations and integrate safety and prevention principles, as well as develop a risk analysis.

2. Design Review

We ensure that the design of the equipment follows the principles identified during the preliminary design.
Our services include:
  • Verification of power and control diagrams (electric, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • Programmable/configurable safety-component verification
  • Support and analysis of software quality plan
  • Support and verification of the control circuit
  • Support and analysis of the technical file

3. Realization

As your design comes to life, we ensure regulatory compliance and alignment with industry standards.
Our services include:
  • Inspection during assembly
  • Definition of test plans
  • Evaluation of conformity with design
  • Review and validation of the instruction manual
  • Review of job descriptions

4. Installation

In this phase, we support the installation of the equipment with consideration of personnel, intended use, the environment, and energy sources. We will assess risks, conduct tests and measurements, and validate the operating modes and instructions.

5. Operation and Modification

Once your equipment is installed, we provide operation and modification assessments.
Our services include:
  • Verification of continued compliance
  • Monitoring of operation
  • Modification support
  • Updating documentation
  • Preparing the modification file

Support for HSE, Technical, and Site Managers

Your priority is the protection of your employees. Let us help you ensure workplace safety and proper usage of machinery.

We provide third-party verification and risk analysis of your machines in order to prevent malfunctions and injury. We also ensure compliance with regulations and the labor code, and provide consultation when you buy, modify, or sell equipment. From design to installation of your machinery, we offer full life-cycle support.

Manufacturing and Construction Consultation

Partner with us to guarantee that your customers receive equipment that meets all applicable standards.

Our consultation allows you to assess the conformity of your machines with internal production control though CE certification. We also ensure your compliance with regulations, which gives your customers confidence in the quality of your products.