Process Safety Management & Consulting

DEKRA Process Safety provides pragmatic solutions scaled to fit your facility’s needs.

DEKRA has decades of experience partnering with companies to create solutions to process safety challenges that are effective, pragmatic, and meet local and federal regulations. Our team is ready to partner with you to identify and implement solutions that protect your workers and communities from fires, explosions and chemical releases. Whether you are just starting to build a process safety program, or you are seeking to improve upon an existing one, we can help you continuously improve how you protect your workers as they develop, process, store and transport your products.

Comprehensive Process Safety Management Services

Through our global offices, we offer and can tailor the following process safety management services to your needs:

Got a Unique Problem? Let Us Be Your Trusted Advisor!

Our process safety management consultants are process, chemical, and safety engineers with strong industry backgrounds, complemented by in-depth expertise in process safety. Together with our rigorous scientific approach, we highlight interpersonal skills and a collaborative approach to solving problems. Contact us to discuss your unique concerns!

Compliance and Risk-Based Expertise

Our team has decades of experience navigating Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements from such as OSHA 1910.119, “Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals,” and EPA’s Risk Management Plan Rule (RMP, 40 CFR part 28). With decades of industry experience, our team actively participates in advocacy efforts that includes NFPA, CCPS, SESHA, and AIChE. We excel at partnering with companies that need a right-sized solution to meet the complexity of their technology and organizational complexity. We are globally recognized for our comprehensive strategies to evaluate fire, explosion, reactive, and thermal stability hazards.
Our approach looks holistically at PSM systems, the proficiency of facility staff at all levels, and organizational culture. Our experience has shown that this broader view of process safety helps to lower process risks by ensuring that a PSM program fits seamlessly into our clients’ business models and operations; is accepted and embraced by corporate management, staff, and employees; becomes a real part of a company’s culture; and is successfully implemented throughout the lifecycle of operations.
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