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Process Safety Management - DEKRA Process Safety

Process Safety Management Program - Protect People, the Environment and Assets

Most companies dealing with hazardous substances have adopted one or more versions of a process safety management model, but the fragmented approach reflected in most of these efforts is a root cause of the limited progress in reducing process incidents. The activities typically identified as PSM program elements are interdependent and must be tied together by overarching elements that ensure their effectiveness and sustainability.

Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations (as examples: OSHA 1910.119 in the U.S., and SEVESO Directive in Europe), and industry guidelines from many professional associations (such as the Center for Chemical Process Safety) drive PSM practices.

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We shall not only assist you in meeting the legislative requirements for process safety management, but shall also provide our global process safety expertise to focus on developing and supporting an effective, integrated process safety management program specific to your needs.

Our approach looks holistically at PSM systems, the proficiency of facility staff at all levels, and organizational culture. Our experience has shown that this broader view of process safety helps ensure that a PSM program fits seamlessly into our clients’ business models and operations; is accepted and embraced by corporate management, staff, and employees; becomes a real part of a company’s culture; and is successfully implemented throughout the lifecycle of operations, to lower process risks.

Process Safety Management - DEKRA Process Safety

Comprehensive Process Safety Management Support for Systemic and Sustainable Safety

Through our global offices, located in twelve offices worldwide, we offer and can tailor the following process safety management services to your needs:

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Our process safety management consultants are process, chemical, and safety engineers with strong industry backgrounds, complemented by in-depth expertise in process safety. Together with our rigorous scientific approach, we highlight interpersonal skills and a collaborative approach to solving problems. To this end, we offer our PSM program, supported by our worldwide offices, in a wide variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and Hindi.

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