Organizational Process Safety: Taking Process Safety to the Next Level

There are many models for process safety management that have evolved since the late 80s. Most companies involved in manufacture, storage, use, and transportation of highly hazardous chemicals have adopted one or more versions of these models, and yet we continue to see many serious and catastrophic incidents each year.
This white paper illustrates a model that identifies elements from the individual activities in three distinct models: the CCPS 20-element risk-based PSM model, OSHA’s PSM rule, the Process Safety Code – in fact all elements of whatever traditional PSM model you prefer.
What the model does differently is recognize the critical interrelationship of two elements with each of the others – those being Organizational Culture and Organizational Capability. These are not just additional “check-the-box” aspects of process safety management. Rather they are the glue that integrates an effective system – and often overlooked.