Your Virtual Partner for Quality Control

iQC Live

DEKRA iQC Live™ helps increase profits by reducing rework and liability

Each month, collision centers lose 15-20% in profit due to rework. DEKRA iQC Live reduces rework and liability, helping increase profitability via independent, third-party monitoring and validation of your quality control standards. With iQC Live, you’ll interface with collision-experienced DEKRA validators via a cloud-based portal that has been customized to your company’s QC standards.

Intuitive, dynamic portal provides real-time, live monitoring

Screenshot of iQC software showing repair order tracking

Our cloud-based portal can be accessed from almost any device – phone, tablet or computer – without downloading an app. All activity is monitored by knowledgeable DEKRA validators with prior experience as either insurance adjusters or collision managers.

DEKRA iQC Live is a one-stop-shop for information sharing throughout the repair process:

  • Track and monitor every step in along the way
  • Receive and respond to alerts when immediate action is required
  • Access dynamic dashboards that highlight the information most important to you
  • View monthly reports and identify trends or action areas
  • Build estimator and technician scorecards to drive accountability

DEKRA iQC Live is highly customizable to fit your exact needs

iQC Live Screenshot

We work with you to align iQC Live with each step of your QC process, leveraging DEKRA’s extensive experience with premium German and European OE collision programs in North America since 2014. The iQC Live portal provides validation and communication at every step along the way:

  • Color-coded alerts identify status as “Proceed”, “Caution” or “Stop Work,” enabling you to identify process gaps and avoid costly rework in real-time
  • Our integrated chat functionality allows you to quickly clarify questions and respond to issues
  • Estimates, photos and videos can easily be uploaded, time-stamped and saved securely
  • Reporting and data can be managed by Nation, by Region, by Site or by individual repair