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Supervisor Development - DEKRA

The SafeAlign® Safety Leadership Development System


When safety improvement is focused exclusively on behaviors at the front lines—the way people perform their duties on the ground, in the field, and on the production line – organizations see improvement. However, organizations that engage senior leaders in safety improvement attain dramatically better results. Executive participation helps guide safety efforts in the right direction, ensuring frontline safety activities connect purposely with the company’s vision.

Yet, there continues to be a large portion of the workforce that is not engaged in the safety process, one that has tremendous influence over work execution. These critical employees are supervisors and managers and they are instrumental in linking the safety vision of senior leaders with implementation of that vision on the front lines. The role of these leaders in improving organizational safety functioning and outcomes cannot be understated as they are the bridge that connects vision to practice and unifies the organization behind the common cause of safety.

Developing managers and supervisors with the skills to drive exposure control is crucial to achieving safety goals.

This premise is the foundation of DEKRA’s safety leadership development process for managers and supervisors, known as the SafeAlign® System. It is a holistic and sustainable safety leadership development system that reduces workplace injuries by advancing the leadership skills and safety activities of supervisors and managers. It focuses on exposure reduction and building a culture of commitment and responsibility at every level of the organization.


Powered by real-time data, live exposure tracking, and convenient web-based learning, SafeAlign provides supervisors and managers with the tools to lead frontline safety performance with confidence. The system reinforces critical behaviors, processes, and aligns organizational strategy with worksite behaviors—all while enabling decisions that ensure safer and more productive outcomes.

SafeAlign® Infographic

The SafeAlign System enhances leadership skills by focusing on safety activities that reduce exposure, thereby reducing injuries and illnesses. At a high level, the system consists of five steps :

Effective leadership development systems require customization and in order to be effective the training content must draw from the real issues and exposures of the organization. Developers of learning modules must dive into an organization's past efforts, and the lessons learned from those efforts.

In this phase, the organization establishes the foundational elements that have the highest probability of success for the system's rollout. Critical to this foundation is the timely formation, chartering, and organizing of a governance group that meets regularly.

Every manager and frontline leader is required to participate in this development activity. A multi-platform blended learning approach is taken to enhance the effectiveness of specific safety activities.

Tracking ensures that leaders at all levels of the organization are using their newly acquired skills.

This phase addresses the challenge that almost all organizations struggle with- sustaining leadership development efforts.


The Dekra Approach:

Sustainable Safety Improvement

The SafeAlign system has eight core learning modules that empower managers and supervisors with the skills to lead safety effectively and thoroughly at all levels of the organization. Participants master how to recognize and implement key behaviors that promote positive changes in frontline performance. Outcomes include fewer injuries, reduce exposure to risk, individual engagement in company goals, and improved team collaboration and execution of critical safety behaviors and activities. To learn more about the eight modules in detail click here .


"This initiative is very different from what we've done in the past—this one is much better."

-Amtrak supervisor on the SafeAlign system

"DEKRA helped us organize our thoughts around how to approach and engage our folks at the front lines."

-Brant Ring, BNSF's vice president of business unit operations

"We selected DEKRA because you had lots of scientific data behind your theories and your concepts—with proven results."

-Warren Hubler Helmerich & Payne


  • Develops safety leadership confidence and skills.
  • Moves the organization from a focus on preventing injuries to a focus on understanding and reducing exposure.
  • Provides real-time data for quick decision making.
  • Ensures sustainable success.
  • Streamlines data collection and analysis with digital enhancements, talk-to-text capability, and real-time information sharing.
  • Provides eLearning and web-based instructional opportunities.
  • Offers refresher video instruction available 24/7.

Organizations that are serious about safety leadership development understand it is crucial to invest in a system that delivers results. SafeAlign is that system and for over a decade. thousands of leaders have benefited from it. The SafeAlign System's structure ensures consistent deep learning while providing the flexibility to adapt the content and approach to an organization's need. DEKRA Organizational Safety & Reliability provides a support team that has in-depth knowledge of leadership, culture, safety and change management. The combination of the DEKRA team and the SafeAlign System is unmatched in its achievements.