Global Market Access Services

Ensuring Open Doors to International Markets

As globalization rapidly connects people, countries, territories, and organizations, access to new foreign markets is essential to your business’s ongoing growth and profitability. DEKRA’s Global Market Access (GMA) services can help you reach markets worldwide.
Our SME specialists help you navigate national and international rules and regulations, managing different technical standards and regulations under disparate legal systems. We help you ensure that your products can be exported and marketed around the globe by certifying compliance with international standards, as well as relevant national deviations.
DEKRA also provides the safety certification marks you need for any global market—consumer or industrial—for end products and components. Certification is based on our own accreditations or arranged through DEKRA’s global network of partners.
Even more, DEKRA's Global Market database covers numerous countries, and territories, making it the ideal resource to help you stay up to date on regulatory requirements.


  • Simplify and accelerate access to global markets
  • Shorten time to market, and market your products more efficiently
  • Navigate varied national and international rules and regulations
  • Certify compliance with international standards and national requirements
  • Manage conformity processes across international boundaries
  • Leverage experts, offices, and test labs in all corners of the world
  • Tap into a global network of long-standing partnerships and a multilingual staff
  • Get answers quickly via the comprehensive DEKRA Global Market Access database

Ready for an advanced digital solution? DEKRA TACS4 ONE is ready for you!

Preparing your products to be marketed and sold internationally can be a complex process, with numerous standards, regulations, and requirements that are different in each country. DEKRA TACS4 ONE is a digital solution to simplify and optimize testing and certification processes and save you time and effort. This subscription-based digital platform is free, if you test and certify your products for GMA at DEKRA.
  • Track the status of multiple GMA projects in real time
  • Receive automatic notifications of changes and updates on standards, regulations, and relevant news
  • Visualize complex information at a glance
  • Access a digital library of your certificates and test reports
  • Receive alerts of your expiring certificates before expiration dates

Managing wireless technologies? DEKRA covers that too.

DEKRA TACS4 ONE offers you additional GMA solutions for products integrating wireless technologies. This subscription-based service enables you to:
  • Understand and download the regulatory and approval requirements your wireless products must comply with in the countries where they will be sold
  • Access technical information on regulations and standards for wireless technologies
  • Select countries, technologies, and frequency bands
  • Access International Type Approval (wireless) regulations, including packaging and user manual requirements
  • Get answers quickly via FAQs
  • Stay up to date on regulatory news related to wireless technologies via a separate fee-based subscription to a Regulatory & Approval newsletter service