DEKRA's promise

Employee integrity, reliability, and neutrality are our key values at DEKRA.Our clients, customers and business partners can expect that everyone who works at DEKRA possesses high ethical standards, reliably fulfills their obligations and acts as a fair business partner.
For this purpose, clear rules are important in order to know at all times what is permitted and what is not. With the DEKRA Compliance Guidelines, we have set ourselves binding guidelines worldwide that demand ethical and lawful behavior from all DEKRA employees and managers.

Reporting a compliance case

Tips can be reported anonymously with our Whistleblower Portal , but should a person wish to use their name, they are at no risk because they are protected from retaliation by law and policy.
In addition to the Whistleblower Portal, compliance reports can be send to the email compliance-report@​dekra​.com . The Chief Compliance Officer, Mr. Christian Köhn, is available at the Hotline +49 711 7861 1361 and the mobile number +49 151 1179 0569.


Our Compliance Office is available as a central point of contact for any questions you may have on the subject of compliance:

Regional Compliance Officers

The Regional Compliance Officers represent a region or country´s Compliance organization within the DEKRA Group. They coordinate compliance efforts across service units and service lines and train employees according to local laws and regulations. Further they are responsible for the evaluation and investigation of compliance incidents and are a point of contact for complaints or tips. The Regional Compliance Officers have a direct reporting function to the Chief Compliance Officer.
We expressly encourage you to report potential misconduct via our internal reporting channels. However, you can also contact the federal government's external reporting offices: