Environmental, Social, and Governance Assessments

Understand Your ESG Risk

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks are present in every business and industry. The three pillars of ESG include a wide array of issues, including carbon footprint and sustainable practices; diversity, equity, and inclusion; supply chain practices; and financial reporting.
So how can an organization get a comprehensive view of ESG risks? An ESG assessment identifies the environmental, social, and governance risks related to an organization’s operations, products, and services. It also shows the impact of a company’s operations on the environment and society, as well as its adherence to ethical behaviors.
As an independent, unbiased partner, we conduct ESG assessments that uncover potential risk and growth opportunities in areas such as your supply chain, management, and operations.


  • Increased awareness of supply chain practices and potential compliance risks
  • Understanding of your environmental impact, circular economy, and carbon footprint
  • Data to inform critical decision-making
  • Identification of areas to build stakeholder value
  • Ability to supply or work with major organizations

A Customized Approach

We take a customized approach to assessing ESG risks, tailoring the process to your industry and specific needs. Our approach blends consulting, audit, and training to ensure that you receive a comprehensive view of ESG risks, adhere to relevant reporting requirements, and have the knowledge required to create and sustain change. Our team offers a range of services in accordance with internationally recognized codes and standards to help you assess your compliance against relevant requirements.


  • Customized audits that focus on your needs and organization
  • A consultative approach to help you navigate ESG requirements
  • Deep knowledge of industries and the latest developments in ESG reporting
  • Experienced auditors with expertise in ESG
  • Global reach

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