DEKRA Offers Virtual Audits, Inspections, and Consultations

Fast, accurate virtual audits, inspections, and consultations using turnkey remote technology

DEKRA’s i2i technology allows you to conduct accurate, comprehensive audits, inspections, and consultations without the time and expense of a site visit. The tool is flexible and easy to use. Choose between having the work administered by DEKRA collision specialists or license DEKRA's i2i technology for use by your own team. Applications include remote automotive audits; truck, vehicle, and equipment inspections; and collision center consultations.
The process is simple. Appointments for the requested services are scheduled in the i2i tool in coordination with individuals at your site or your customer location. Conducting the audit, inspection, or consultation is as simple as clicking on a link for live, step-by-step instructions. You even have the opportunity to license DEKRA's i2i technology for use by your team. There is no app to download, and the tool works with almost every browser on both Android and iOS devices.
The associate will instruct the individual on-site how to document the required information and conduct the inspection or audit process using the device’s camera. Our encrypted and safe video connection allows for the same HD-quality videos and photos that would be used to complete a traditional on-site inspection, audit, or consultation. The data will be automatically stored and archived for future reference.

Benefits include:

  • Fast, accurate audits, inspections, and consultation
  • Option to utilize an experienced associate from DEKRA or your team
  • Flexible and easily customizable to your needs
  • Reduced travel expenses due to 100% virtual process
  • Ability to leverage the tool for fast, cost-effective follow-ups
  • Multi-year contracts are available to track and verify progress over time
  • Easily supports virtually any audit, inspection, or consultation for insurance companies, fleets, OE collision centers, and other organizations
Additonal i2i functions include:
  • Compatibility with almost any device or browser
  • No app to download
  • Capture HD-quality video and photographs simultaneously
  • Data and connection are encrypted and secure
  • Files can be sent and shared during the call
  • Ability to screen share and include multiple participants
  • Full session recorded for future reference
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