AS9120 Certification: Aerospace Distributors

Aerospace distributions companies are opting to become quality certified to gain a considerable competitive edge

AS9120 is the internationally recognized series of standards for quality management systems within the aviation, defense and space industries. These standards (AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120) have bolstered quality management for suppliers, distributors and maintenance and repair organizations, from the largest prime contractors to the smallest suppliers.
DEKRA has formed partnerships with aerospace companies at both ends of this spectrum. Through our dynamic experience with some of the world’s largest aerospace companies to the smallest niche firms, we have fine-tuned the AS9120 certification process into an opportunity to improve your company’s efficiency and increase profits.
At DEKRA our primary focus is your success in the context of AS9120 conformance. To customize our system certification services, we align our ISO audit plan with your business goals. By doing so, we assist you in achieving your management objectives. Throughout the certification process we trust you will find that, rather than auditing more, we audit better.
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Management system certification is offered by DEKRA Certification, Inc., which operates independently from any consulting and training activities using the DEKRA brand.