Virtual Safety and Compliance Training

As a safety leader, you want each team member to return home healthy after each shift. To do this, everyone in your organization needs to know how to work safely and how to comply with regulations. You need to support your team with a full suite of training that meets their needs, from new hires and temporary workers to people managers and senior executives.
The solution? On-demand and comprehensive environmental, health, and safety (EHS) training covering a broad range of topics and learning styles.

Training Topics

DEKRA offers over 190 courses on critical topics to fulfill your regulatory compliance, safety, and human resources training needs. Our on-demand courses not only meet OSHA requirements but go beyond compliance to protect people, properties, and communities. Our training course offerings include:

Compliance (20+ courses)

  • Forklift/powered industrial truck safety
  • Lock-out/tag-out
  • Personal protective equipment

General Safety (80+ courses)

  • Ergonomics
  • Fire safety
  • Fall prevention

HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) (20+ courses)

  • Understanding chemical hazards
  • Personal protective equipment and decontamination procedures
  • Work practices and engineering controls

Construction Safety (20+ courses)

  • Crane safety
  • Electrocution hazards
  • Trenching and shoring

Laboratory Safety (10+ courses)

  • Laboratory ergonomics
  • GHS safety data sheets

Human Resources (40+ courses)

  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace violence
  • Drug and alcohol awareness

Advanced Training Methods

Our proven training courses are effective because they are relevant, engaging, and concise.

The training courses employ advanced virtual learning methodologies and a wide range of formats, delivering maximum impact. All courses use high-quality video filmed in realistic work environments and feature scenarios that illustrate relevant lessons and procedures, as well as the impact of employee decision-making.

We offer four types of virtual courses to meet the needs of your workers and their varied learning styles:

  • Full-length, interactive courses with quizzes and customized remediation.
  • Micro-learning courses, featuring three- to five-minute courses, followed by knowledge checks. These can be used individually or grouped into curricula. Micro-learning is ideal for remote workers accessing courses on a smartphone or tablet on a scheduled cadence or during downtime
  • Adaptive learning courses allow employees to assess their knowledge before the course begins in order to move beyond familiar content, so they can focus on areas where they can most benefit.
  • Video-on-demand courses feature real-life work situations presented in chapters to maximize retention and focus.


Our training offerings are:
  • High-Quality. Live-action HD video is offered in interactive courses.
  • Convenient. Our virtual courses use an on-demand model, so you can deliver training whenever and wherever needed.
  • Comprehensive. Over 170 courses on compliance, safety, and human resources training needs.
  • Cost-Effective. Select from a wide range of training needs, all with an affordable solution.
  • Available in Spanish. To meet the needs of your diverse workforce, courses are also offered in Spanish.

Flexible Implementation

With this on-demand model, you can customize courses to meet your specific EHS training needs and deliver them in the format that works best for your employees. You can use DEKRA’s Learning Management System (LMS) for delivery, or you can integrate it into your own LMS. We also offer multiple licensing plans with the flexibility you need, as your business and training needs change.