Adaptive BBS™

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Software Management System

Overcome organizational blindness and increase employee engagement at all levels with Adaptive BBS™ software. At the heart of the scalable, easy-to-use system is the 10-second observation, so employees can focus on safety and feedback, not paperwork. The system's simple, intuitive dashboard allows you to see the most critical information at a glance.
Adaptive BBS maximizes your field of view and addresses stagnant behavior-based safety processes. With increased awareness, the system empowers your safety team to make changes and gives them the tools to verify effectiveness. The result is stronger feedback loops, improved risk identification, and safer operations.
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Better risk identification
  • Improved data quality and security
  • Protection of people, properties, and communities
As a cloud-based system, Adaptive BBS is fast and easy to implement. The flexible, web-based interface supports any BBS methodology. It is scalable, offering a cost-effective solution customized to meet your specific needs.
Adaptive BBS provides insights, not just reports, to improve the safety of your employees and operations. It also improves communication through multiple feedback channels for reviewers and observers.
Platform Features
  • Responsive web application
  • Host data worldwide
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Branding personalization
  • Upload of files to observations and exposures
  • Open API