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Foreign Material Exclusion Services

Nuclear Fuel Foreign Material Exclusion

DEKRA takes a turnkey, full-service approach to Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) services, helping to protect the critical systems, structures and components of your plant or facility from the introduction of uncontrolled foreign materials during both planned and unplanned maintenance activities. We utilize a fully trained, self-sufficient team that is proactive and able to complete the job with minimal Site supervision or oversight.

DEKRA’s FME services leverage decades of experience and the impeccable track record of Core Plant Protection Services (Core PPS), as well as DEKRA’s global expertise in inspecting processes, equipment and infrastructures in the nuclear and renewables, power generation, fossil and gas, hydro-electric and other highly regulated industries.

DEKRA FME Capabilities


DEKRA offers a wide range of FME services, including Accountability Monitors trained specifically in Foreign Material Prevention techniques and Human Performance tools; Oversight and Benchmarking services to help you identify gaps and refine processes; and Prevention Training to educate and empower your on-site team.

  • FME Accountability Monitors
  • FME Benchmarking
  • FME Oversight & Supervision
  • FME Prevention Training
  • Nuclear Refuel Outages
  • Major Component Replacements
  • Turbines, Stators & Rotor Work
  • Dry Cask Storage & Irradiated Hardware Campaigns

A Turnkey, Customer-Oriented Approach

"Lisa and her team are always a pleasure to work with. They are responsibve and show true ownership in the work they do." - DEKRA FME Client

The DEKRA Team members are Foreign Material Intrusion Prevention specialists with experience in re-fuel outages, upgrades and replacements including steam generators, reactor heads, cranes and turbines, stators and rotors. They also have completed numerous dry cask storage and irradiated hardware removal campaigns. Each individual receives training customized to the job they will be performing on your site that adheres to the Institute of Nuclear Power Operation’s (INPO) “Guidelines for Achieving Excellence in Foreign Material Exclusion.”

Our team works independently with little-to-no supervision, building our own schedules, bringing our own supplies and equipment and completing jump reports at the end of every shift. DEKRA Team members are empowered to ask questions in order to ensure a comprehensive approach that protects workers, maintains cleanliness and ensures a “Focus on Prevention.”

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