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Prove your information security with TISAX®

Information security is an essential prerequisite for manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers across the automotive value chain. This is especially true for projects involving highly-sensitive data.
DEKRA offers all three levels of TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) assessments. Each level includes unique requirements appropriate for the level of complexity encountered.
In 2017, TISAX® was established by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), building upon existing Information Security Assessment (ISA) requirements, as well as the international ISO/IEC 27001 standard . The platform provides members throughout the automotive value chain standardized assessments of information security.
The ENX Association has defined the levels and scope of TISAX® assessments. A company can be audited to one of three different assessment levels, depending on the required level of information security.

    Assessment Level 1

    Most standard suppliers need only to complete the ISA questionnaire and publish this self-assessment in TISAX®.

    The Process

    After initial registration, companies wishing to join the TISAX® platform commission a service provider, such as DEKRA, to assess their information security. Assessment begins with a basic test on the topic of information security and then offers further optional modules, such as prototype protection, data protection, and connection to third parties. This eliminates special requirements in the extensive individual catalogues of major automobile manufacturers. A final report showing the achieved protection class can then be conveniently shared with selected companies requesting your TISAX® status. (This exchange is only possible among registered participants and only after the express permission is granted by the assessed company.)

    Your Trusted Partner in Information Security

    Our experienced and independent experts provide comprehensive information security audit and assessment services. With over 40 accreditations to our name, DEKRA can tailor our services to your precise needs. Our audits are recognized by international manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers throughout the global automotive industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions About TISAX®

    1. What are the advantages of TISAX®?

    What are the advantages of TISAX®?

    Recognized by participants across the global automotive industry supply chain, the Trusted Information Security Exchange (TISAX®) has established a uniform level of information security to boost confidence in audited companies. Standardized TISAX® assessment eliminates unnecessary and duplicate audits saving you both time and money. Certification is valid for a period of three years.
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