DEKRA Performance Manager

The increasing expectations of your customers and employees means that training is more critical than ever. DEKRA Performance Manager (DPM) is a digital platform offering an interactive, adaptable coaching experience to meet the specific needs of your team. With DPM, learning, monitoring, and feedback take place continuously, without reliance on a full-time on-site coach

DEKRA Performance Manager includes:
  • Diagnostics
  • Action plans
  • KPIs and monitoring
  • Individual and consolidated reporting
  • Best practice sharing
  • Self-assessment tools
  • Training toolbox
  • Information exchange system

Built For You

We work with you to select and fine tune the tools your teams needs to meet their goals. Your program will be customized to include a variety of coaching methods, cutting-edge technology, review processes, monitoring, reporting, and continuous support, to meet your needs and provide the best possible value for your investment.
Our coaching and training options include:
  • On-site coaching: Targeted coaching with leaders, managers, retention managers, and sales teams
  • Group training: Remote sessions via I-Coach for groups nationwide on a range of program-related topics
  • I-Coach 121: Use the I-Coach platform to deliver intimate, intensive interventions that break down barriers to achievement quickly and efficiently


  • Customized: Coaching topics and format are tailored to meet your specific training needs
  • Engaging: DPM drives higher engagement through customized learning plans to meet your employees where they are
  • Efficient: Individualized plans allow resources to be deployed wisely and maximize ROI
  • Transparency: Using a single platform maximizes visibility and accountability.


I-Coach provides live training that can be delivered to individuals or groups. Sessions are designed to be seamlessly integrated into the workday using a computer or mobile device. Your employees can then apply what they learn immediately on the job.
Our I-Coach solutions:
  • Deliver targeted skills training accessible on the job from a computer or mobile device
  • Consolidate training into brief sessions no longer than 45 minutes
  • Focus on allowing your employees to immediately apply what they learn in real workplace interactions
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