Electric Vehicle Safety Training

Safety Training for the Future of Mobility

Is your team prepared for the future of mobility? By 2030, electric vehicles are projected to account for 32% of the U.S. automotive market, growing to 45% by 2035. That growth means each member of your team needs to understand how to safely handle electric vehicle systems and components. As a leader in safety, DEKRA offers comprehensive, flexible training for electric vehicle automotive safety, with options to fit varied audiences, organizations, and learning styles.

Who should take Electric Vehicle Safety Training?

Beyond technicians, this training is important for a wide range of roles. This includes managers, supervisors, office staff, and support personnel in service and collision repair facilities. Insurance customer-support representatives should also understand how to handle customer inquiries related to hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) accidents and malfunctions.

What industries need Electric Vehicle Safety Training?

Automotive manufacturers, battery recyclers, EV battery technicians, EV device manufacturers and suppliers, and insurers can all benefit from EV safety training. DEKRA training covers practical topics, such as:
  • Identifying and locating electric vehicle components
  • How to work safely near electric vehicle components
  • How to determine whether a vehicle is de-energized
  • Appropriate safety equipment and personal protective equipment
  • First aid and emergency procedures

What options are available for Electric Vehicle Safety Training?

    Electric Vehicle Safety Training e-Learning

    • Online, on demand
    • 60 competency modules
    • Flexible subscription-based model
    • Interactive format
    • Available in English, Spanish, Italian, and German
    • Access to a database of manufacturer information for all EVs
    Why DEKRA?
    As the partner for safety at home, at work, and on the road, DEKRA is one of the largest safety organizations in the world. The company employs more than 47,000 specialists worldwide focused on increasing safety in all areas of life, including safety consulting, automotive inspections, and product certification. DEKRA operates in over 60 countries delivering a safer world through consulting, inspections, testing, certification, auditing, and training.
    DEKRA is a global leader in industrial inspection and provides strategic safety consulting services to the world’s largest companies in the energy sector. DEKRA North America’s organizational safety consultants are recognized for creating safer workplaces through proprietary behavioral-based methodologies, while providing industry-best return on investment.