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What is a Test Only station?

Test Only Inspections

When it comes to your state-required emissions, safety, smog, or state inspection, there are 2 types of places you can go: Test and Repair or Test Only.

A Test and Repair station is licensed to complete the required tests, as well as repair or replace components that they determine caused your vehicle to fail the inspection.

A Test Only station tests your vehicle, and then tells you if the vehicle passed or not. Test Only stations are not authorized to make repairs on your tires, brakes, or emissions equipment. If your vehicle doesn’t pass, you can opt to have the needed repairs made wherever you choose.

“I didn’t know there was such a thing as Test Only”

Don’t worry. We spoke with vehicle owners from all over, and many of them didn’t realize there was a difference either:


Quotes are from DEKRA focus groups, conducted in November of 2017, in Dallas, TX, by Bacchus Worldwide, Inc.

DEKRA offers Safety and Convenience

For the driver of today’s high tech vehicle, who values their time and safety, your local DEKRA station is a clean and convenient Test Only destination for your state-required Inspection.

As the world’s largest Automotive Testing Company, our experts will use our consistent, high quality process to quickly test your vehicle in accordance with state requirements, and give you the results – without the pressure of paying for costly repairs.

At DEKRA, we give you knowledge, not a repair bill.

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