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DEKRA Inspections is the exclusive dealer of Visatec products in the United States. The companies work in partnership to leverage their collective power-generation experience to provide top-of-the-line industrial inspection technology.
In addition to a wide range of cameras, lighting systems, ROV and crawlers, retrieval tools, and accessories, Visatec offers:
  • One of the world’s smallest pan-and-tilt cameras, allowing the user to capture images in areas with limited access
  • Lighting systems up to 10,000 lumens, offering some of the brightest underwater lighting systems available
  • A one-of-a-kind underwater foreign material retrieval device, with compact remote-operating capabilities and high-powered suction
  • Custom solutions that meet customer needs
Our broad range of cameras facilitate remote inspections in almost any industrial environment. Choose from cameras that are radiation-resistant, watertight, compact, battery-powered, and have built-in lighting systems.
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Use our powerful underwater LED lighting systems in a variety of applications, including illumination of large ponds and storage pools and in high-radiation environments, and to support 360-degree lighting needs.
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ROV and Crawlers
Our versatile submarines, watertight magnetic crawler, and customizable rover systems facilitate your FOSAR and inspection needs. Features include integrated lighting, an articulated arm, or a pan-and-tilt camera.
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Retrieval Tools
Underwater suction devices and grippers enable safe retrieval of foreign parts in spent fuel pools and other vessels.
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We offer control units, text inserters, carbon fiber poles, and other accessories that support a wide range of remote visual inspection and foreign material retrieval tools.
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