Process Safety Testing

Accurate Data With Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

At DEKRA, we have decades of experience providing standardized and customized tests on materials for industries located all over the globe. Proper testing and expert analysis are essential to gathering and applying this information in order to prevent fires, explosions and other industrial, transportation, and warehousing incidents.
We provide comprehensive testing services carried out in state-of-the-art laboratories in accordance with local and international standards. The data we collect enables you to identify potential risk factors inherent in handling, storing and processing hazardous materials.
We have partnerships with facilities across the globe. Our North American laboratories are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, and we can offer GLP laboratory testing through our Southampton, UK facility.

Expert Hazard Testing Services

DEKRA offers standardized and customized testing capabilities that are
  1. Fast & Accurate
  2. Reproducible
  3. Can meet standardized test methods as prescribed by regulatory agencies
  4. Can be customized to address your unique needs
DEKRA has the expertise, facilities, and equipment for testing materials in both small and large-scale environments. Contact us to discuss your testing needs!
For a list of our most popular Standardized ASTM Test Methods, click here .

Got a Unique Problem? Let Us Be Your Trusted Advisor!

DEKRA has decades of experience testing and classifying materials for all kinds of industries. We want to understand your problem be a partner that will work alongside of you to select the right testing strategy that fits your needs. We have customized small and large-scale facilities we can leverage to obtain the information you need to solve your problem. Contact us to discuss your unique corrosion concerns!
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