Battery Testing

Battery Testing

DEKRA provides battery testing services for a variety of industries, including but not limited to telecommunication, computer, automotive and consumer electronics. Our years of experience in the product testing and evaluation field will ensure that your energy storage devices meet the required safety, performance and regulatory requirements.

Type of Batteries We Test

  • Secondary (rechargeable) Batteries, including Lithium-Ion, Lithium-Polymer, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Fuel Cells.
  • Primary (non-rechargeable) Batteries, including Lithium and Alkaline.
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • EV (Electric Vehicle) Secondary Lithium-Ion Cells.

Technical Articles/Downloads

Safety and Performance Standards

  • IEC/EN 62133
  • IEC/EN 60950-1
  • IEC/EN 60065
  • IEC/EN 61951-1/2
  • IEC/EN 61960
  • IEC/EN 62281
  • IEC/EN 60086 – 1/2/3/4/5
  • IEC/EN 60896-21/22
  • UN 38.3 Transportation Testing (Tests T1 – T8)
  • Other Regulatory Battery Standards

Accredited Test Laboratory

The full range of battery tests is carried out at our IECEE CB approved laboratory and we can test to IEC, EN and UN standards. Our experienced staff and state of the art battery testing laboratory can help you determine which tests are needed for your product to meet national and international requirements. With years of testing experience and certification services, we are well placed to assist you with your compliance, testing and analysis needs.

How We Can Help

DEKRA has the facilities and the equipment required to conduct battery testing to determine safety and performance characteristics of your battery and battery packs. With knowledgeable laboratory staffs in the Americas, Europe and Asia, we take a customized approach to meet your testing objectives. No matter where in the world you distribute your battery products, we can help you identify applicable requirements by both market and product type.

In addition to testing, we also offer a comprehensive range of battery hazards analysis and quality assurance solutions that include certification, consultancy, and training so that you can develop better, safer and more competitive product.