2nd-Party Audits

Customized Audit and Assessments Solutions

Sometimes an off-the-shelf audit or assessment simply won’t meet all of the necessary requirements, whether you are faced with changing health and safety regulations due to infectious diseases like COVID-19 or have standards that vary by supplier, plant or geography. DEKRA leverages over 95 years of experience in testing, inspection, and certification to help you customize a solution that fits your exact needs.

Customized Return-to-Work Assessments and Audits

As companies face changing health and safety requirements following COVID-19 and other infectious disease outbreaks, DEKRA can quickly customize an assessment or audit by industry or standard, using best practices from our experience in validating risk management and Management Systems Assessments and Certifications including Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301), Risk Management (ISO 31000), and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001). DEKRA’s customized solutions offer:
  • Flexibility of using DEKRA’s independent auditors to evaluate adherence to any specification or guideline
  • Option to conduct periodic reinspections or follow-up visits to ensure standards are properly maintained
  • Ability to respond quickly and reassess any facility before it returns to full operation after a shutdown for any reason, including a diagnosed case of COVID-19 or other infectious disease
  • Consultation with your team to identify areas of high risk, as well as establish processes and procedures to ensure full compliance
  • Training to help operationalize new specifications or new requirements

Supply Chain Assessments

The quality of your suppliers' and partners' processes are critical to your success. Globalization has made it difficult and time-consuming to ensure consistency when suppliers and plants are located all over the world. DEKRA’s well-planned and executed 2nd-Party Auditing Systems are an effective tool to evaluate possible suppliers and control the quality of your current supply base.
Take advantage of DEKRA‘s competence as an independent, experienced audit service provider. Working with your Customer-Specific Requirements, we build an auditing and assessment program that provides your business with comprehensive knowledge the suppliers' practices and capabilities. Our services include initial supplier audits, continuous surveillance, and expertise with local regulatory requirements. With our international auditor network, we are everywhere you operate. We share your language and business culture.
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Management system certification is offered by DEKRA Certification, Inc., which operates independently from any consulting and training activities using the DEKRA brand.