Revitalizing Behavior-Based Safety Programs

Time-Tested, Field-Proven BBS for the Real World, Right Now

Behavior-based safety continues to be the gold standard for creating and sustaining a safe workplace. We can help you reboot, revamp, or ramp up your BBS program with a scalable solution grounded in decades of science and tailored to your organization’s needs and goals.

Why the need for a refresh? It's complicated!

Workplaces have been disrupted on many fronts — workforce and leadership turnover and shortages, the supply chain, regulatory requirements, the economy, and consumer demands. All of these, in turn, have disrupted workplace safety.
Getting safety back on track is essential, but the how can look different for different companies. We can help you bridge that gap.
Whether you are new to BBS, experiencing a lapse in applying the processes, or looking to optimize your approach, our experts provide guidance grounded in research and applicable to today’s complex workplaces. In fact, DEKRA pioneered a science-based approach to BBS with our Behavioral Accident Prevention Process® (BAPP®).
We’ll work with you to analyze your current needs, tailor an efficient solution, and provide the right level of implementation support and training based on your available resources, knowledge base, desired timeline, and business environment.​

Where to Start

Think about what’s challenging or concerning about your current condition. How are you measuring success and sharing that information with others? What outcomes are you seeking? What barriers do you perceive to achieving success?
Sending employees home each day healthy and injury-free is the fundamental catalyst for building an engaged and innovative team motivated to be your partner in effectively operating your business. Let’s discuss your needs and develop a proven path forward to make a positive difference in the well-being of your workforce and the overall workplace.
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