Mechanical Warranty & Service Contract Inspections

When a customer makes a claim on a warranty or service contract, you need an expert to determine the solution. DEKRA’s team of highly-trained experts conduct mechanical claim, warranty, and service contract inspections each and every day.
To settle your claim, our experienced inspector will assess the vehicle’s condition, investigate the cause of failure, document the findings, and provide an unbiased report. As the liability holder, these findings will provide the information you need to determine a course of action and settle the claim. We also offer teardown inspection, fluid analysis, and repair estimate validation.

On-Site and Dedicated Location Inspections

Regardless of the location, DEKRA experts will perform a rigorous evaluation of a damaged vehicle wherever you need it, and provide an unbiased, expert assessment of the damage. Our inspections are accurate, timely, and proven to reduce unnecessary repairs, allowing you to minimize loss adjustment expenses.

i2i Virtual Inspections

Save the time and cost of a site visit by utilizing DEKRA’s i2i virtual inspection technology. With i2i, DEKRA experts will perform the same rigorous evaluation of a damaged vehicle as an on-site inspection remotely.
The tool is flexible and easy to use, and the process is simple. Appointments for the requested services are scheduled in the i2i tool in coordination with individuals at your site or your customer location. Conducting the audit, inspection, or consultation is as simple as clicking on a link for live, step-by-step instructions. There is no app to download, and the tool works with almost every browser on both Android and iOS devices.
In addition to our expert inspection report and repair recommendations, you will receive a complete video and photo documentation of the inspection.