ASHRAE Standard 34 Refrigerant Flammability

DEKRA can fully assist you with your ASHRAE 34 refrigerant blend testing and HVAC / HVACR application needs. We can help at each step of the process - from obtaining the necessary components for your blend, performing the required analyses and testing per ASHRAE Standard 34, and preparing and submitting your application for submission to ASHRAE. We will even attend the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Convention to present the application on your behalf.
Our ASHRAE 34 Services include:
Fractionation Analysis
Determination for the Worst Case Formulation (WCF) and Worst Case Fractionated Formulation (WCFF) is conducted using the NIST Refleak program under the conditions required by Standard 34.
Fractionation Validation
Testing to confirm the Worst Case Formulation (WCF) that produces the Worst Case Fractionated Formulation (WCFF), verifying Refleak simulated results as required by Standard 34.
The WCFF and WCF are tested for Lower Flammable Limits (LFL) under the required conditions with equipment required by ASHRAE Standard 34 and ASTM E681.
Testing is performed according to ASHRAE Standard 34. This test includes all the required repeats, calibrations, and analysis and may also incorporate moderate mixing of the blend.
Burning Velocity
Testing is conducted per ISO 817 which is one method in compliance with the ASHRAE Standard 34. This method provides a visual measurement of the burning velocity in a vertical tube.
Preparation and Submission of Application
We will prepare the application for consideration by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The required number of hard copies and disks of the application will be submitted to ASHRAE for distribution to committee members. This includes:
Toxicity Study – A three-component toxicity section is prepared by our toxicity consultant.
Physical Characteristics - Calculation of required physical characteristics of the refrigerant blend and components.
Safety Data Sheet - DEKRA will prepare a basis for Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of your blend.
ASHRAE Meeting Attendance
Our representative will attend either of the two biannual ASHRAE conventions on the client’s behalf, to present the application.
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