Corrosion Testing

Corrosion Testing

Corrosion is a problem that impacts multiple aspects of industry including resolving process problems; aiding in the material selection of equipment and storage containers (material of construction compatibility with chemicals); and to satisfy Department of Transportation (DOT), UN Globally Harmonized System (GHS), and other international shipping requirements.

Corrosion is a problem that impacts multiple aspects of industry and can result in severe harm to employees, equipment, or products. Furthermore, understanding the corrosive properties of materials is required in order to transport materials domestically or internationally.

DEKRA offers standardized and customized testing capabilities that are:

  1. Fast, Accurate & Reproducible
  2. Meets standardized test methods as prescribed by US-DOT, EPA, and other regulatory agencies
  3. Can be customized to address your unique needs

DEKRA has the expertise, facilities, and equipment for testing of materials for corrosion under both ambient and high- temperature and pressure conditions.

We Offer Standardized Test Methods:

Our most popular standardized test methods address shipping and transportation requirements for class 8 corrosives. In order to satisfy the packaging requirements set by the Department of Transpiration (DOT) and UN Globally Harmonized System (GHS), materials need to undergo testing to appropriately classify them into packing groups. Dekra can help classify your material through skin (Corrositex) and metal corrosion testing.

A list of our most popular standardized test methods include the following:

  • Corrositex Skin Testing for Packing Group Assessment (UN GHS, US DOT/EPA, and OECD ): This test uses a simulated skin barrier in place of animal testing to help determine if a material meets Packing Group class 8 requirements.
  • ASTM G31, Immersion Corrosion for metals: This is the method used for UN/DOT measurement of metal corrosion for transportation Packing Groups as required by 49 CFR 173.137 (DOT) and UN section 37 requirements for international shipping.

Got a Unique Problem? Let Us Be Your Trusted Advisor!

DEKRA has decades of experience testing and classifying materials for all kinds of industries. We want to understand your problem and be a partner that will work alongside of you to select the right testing strategy that fits your needs. We have customized small and large-scale facilities we can leverage to obtain the information you need to solve your problem. Contact us to discuss your unique corrosion concerns!