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Corrosion Testing

Corrosion is a problem that has plagued a variety of industries such as petroleum and refining, pipeline, waste, coatings and linings, transportation, pulp and paper, and power to name a few. Corrosion as we know is the deterioration of a material due to its interaction with the surrounding environment. Hence for industries dealing with reactive chemicals/materials it becomes very important to assess the reactivity and corrosivity of their materials/chemicals under the proposed process conditions. However, more often than not, very limited data on a particular corrosion phenomenon is available at a desired process condition. Therefore, laboratory testing of coupons is the quickest and most satisfactory means to determine reactivity and corrosivity of chemicals to various materials. The findings of the laboratory studies would assist with resolving process problems, implement process improvements, transportation & DOT classification, identify storage requirements, and select suitable material of construction.

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DEKRA has the expertise, facilities, and equipment for testing of materials for corrosion under typical temperature and pressure conditions of <400°C and <2500psi respectively. Specialist equipment and facilities for conducting corrosion testing at temperatures and pressures as high as 500°C and 10000psi respectively are also available.

To understand the corrosion phenomena better we also offer advanced investigative techniques using complex analytical instruments (SEM, EDX, TEM) to provide micro-analytical analysis to define failure mechanisms, perform elemental chemical analyses, and examine and identify corrosion products.

Since the boundary of science is being pushed further and further our experts will work with you to understand your corrosion related problems, develop custom test methodologies to simulate your process or field conditions, and generate data that will assist you to solve a wide array of corrosion related problems.

For more information regarding corrosive testing or any corrosion related problems, please contact DEKRA Process Safety at 609-799-4449 or email.

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