Electrostatic Hazards Services

DEKRA Process Safety provides industries in many business sectors with years of collective experience in the highly specialized areas of electrostatic hazards, safety and operational issues and applications.

Static electricity is everywhere! Here are some sources to consider:
  • Electrostatic sparks from people, equipment and products can cause fires and explosions when combustible dust clouds or flammable vapors exist in air.
  • Charged powders cause handling problems.
  • Powerful electrostatic discharges can cause damage to glass and PTFE lined equipment
  • Charge accumulation negatively affects film and web handling in converting operations.
  • Electrostatic forces also have many beneficial applications such as photocopying, ink jet printing, coating, painting and air pollution control.
If your organization needs consulting assistance in evaluating electrostatic ignition hazards, or equipment and product handling issues, DEKRA Process Safety has Subject Matter Experts in this field who can assist you. Our experienced consultants can offer cost-effective electrostatic consulting services and pragmatic advice regarding electrostatic hazards and operational problems.

Electrostatic Hazards Control

To reduce the hazard of explosion, fire, product and equipment electrostatic damage, we undertake:
  • Electrostatic Hazards Assessments
  • Incident Investigation
  • Laboratory Testing such as Dust Explosion and Electrostatic Properties, Conductivity, Resistivity, Charge Decay Time and Chargeability, and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) Electrostatic Testing.
  • Pragmatic Solutions for Tactical Processing Electrostatic challenges
Our Electrostatic Hazard Control Services are aligned with current editions of
  • NFPA 77: Recommended Practice on Static Electricity
  • API RP 2003: Protection Against Ignitions Arising Out of Static, Lightning, and Stray Currents
  • IEC 60079-32-1:“Electrostatic hazards – Guidance
DEKRA Process Safety also provides governmental agencies with access to consulting, testing, and research services in this highly specialized field.

Electrostatic Processing Challenges

To solve your process material handling problems, we undertake on-site measurements, perform troubleshooting and investigations. We can also perform laboratory testing services for chargeability, resistivity, charge decay time and humidity effects. We can also help you with charge elimination and control.

Specialized Electrostatic Consulting Services

DEKRA Process Safety has decades of pragmatic experience coupled with the use of industry codes and standards. We can also provide help in the form of:
  • Expert witness services
  • Environmental Applications (e.g. electrostatic precipitators)

Electrostatic Hazards Training

DEKRA Process Safety offers off-the-shelf and customizable Electrostatic Hazards Training that could be tailored specifically to your organization’s needs. This training includes multiple options – from one-hour introduction webinars, to eight-hour in-depth seminars.
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