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Process Safety Training Courses

DEKRA has thousands of hours of experience in process safety and over the years has developed a range of specialist courses. Our aim is to assist companies in developing and promoting and understanding of hazard awareness in their workforce as well as providing detailed technical knowledge on hazard and risk assessment and legal compliance. Our courses are available either as public events or as tailored in-company courses.


NFPA 652 is the “On Ramp” to combustible dust requirements contained in the various NFPA Codes. It contains mandatory requirements for the management of the fire, flash fire, and explosion hazards posed by combustible dusts. Although this standard provides some flexibility in approaches for ensuring the safety of the occupants, facility, processes, and equipment, some of the requirements must be complied with retroactively.

With over 25 years of experience in conducting thousands of Dust Hazard Analyses for our clients around the world, we have designed this two-day workshop to help you 1) better understand the applicability of this standard, 2) make compliance with its requirements manageable and practical, and 3) gain practical experience conducting Dust Hazard Analyses (Day 2).

  • How to determine if a dust fire, flash fire or explosion hazard exists within your facility;
  • Effective strategies for compliance with NFPA 652 requirements;
  • How to identify dust sample(s) that need to be tested and the necessary laboratory tests;
  • How to determine the validity of any existing laboratory data you might have;
  • How to identify any gaps that exist in the required laboratory data;
  • What the requirements are for a complete Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA);
  • How to identify the gaps in your dust hazard management systems
  • How to identify gaps in your facility's dust fire and explosion prevention and protection requirements;
  • How to conduct a Dust Hazard Analysis, using practical exercises (Day 2)
  • How to identify practical measures for not only ensuring compliance but going beyond compliance. (Day 2)

Day 2

Practical Exercises & DHA Workshop

  • Participants will be provided with process information, equipment design data, dust testing results, drawings / pictures and resources for several types of industry operations.
  • Participants will use the information to conduct Table-top Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) using the methods developed during Day 1.
  • Effective methods for how to organize, lead, and execute a DHA.
  • DHA outcomes will be reviewed and discussed with instructors.


Sept. 17, 20191-DayNashville, TN0.6$495.00REGISTER
Sept. 17-18, 20192-DayNashville, TN1.2$895.00REGISTER
Sept. 24, 20191-DayPrinceton, NJ0.6$495.00REGISTER
Nov. 5, 20191-DayLos Angeles, CA0.6$495.00REGISTER
Nov. 5-6, 20192-DayLos Angeles, CA1.2$895.00REGISTER
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