How Making Safe Decisions® is the Solution to Overcoming Brain-Centered Hazards™

The Making Safe Decisions® solution helps workers understand vulnerabilities and teaches behavioral strategies for improving their defenses. Participants learn how their brains operate in both helpful and hindering ways and how individuals and teams can optimize real-time high-performance reliability to avoid unplanned events.
The white paper “How Making Safe Decisions Is the Solution to Overcoming Brain-Centered Hazards™” is designed for top leadership and decision-makers within an organization. It explores:
  • The challenges of Brain-Centered Hazards.
  • A step-by-step guide through the Making Safe Decisions implementation process.
  • How leaders can recognize Brain-Centered Hazards and what they can do to control them.
  • The foundation of the Making Safe Decisions solution and the steps that are essential to every human action when working alone or with others.