DEKRA Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention™ Services

A Proven Pathway for Controlling SIF Exposure

One of the most troubling and persistent worries of leaders is the potential for a Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) event. These devastating events reverberate throughout the entire organization with lasting impacts beyond the immediate employees and site involved. Yet SIF events are notoriously difficult to predict because traditional safety metrics provide misleading and incomplete data.
The SIF prevention movement seeks to increase workplace safety by understanding the intersection of human behavior and work environments. As a leader and originator of the field, DEKRA combines extensive experience with a mindset of continuous improvement to question paradigms and further the understanding of exposure potential.
The result is DEKRA SIF Prevention™ Services. A program designed to help companies identify SIF potential, proactively mitigate risk, and govern exposure control throughout the organization.
DEKRA’s SIF Prevention Services are focused on saving lives and protecting employees. Our proven solution was developed based on years of experience and enhanced through client feedback. Because we recognize the urgency of SIF prevention, DEKRA’s experts can guide you from assessment to roadmap in as little as six weeks. Each program is customized and scaled to meet your organization’s safety maturity level, potential exposures, and specific requirements. The process is designed for business continuity, withstanding turnover and leadership changes.

How do DEKRA SIF Prevention™ Services work?

The key to success is creating a focus on prevention by working proactively across the organization in a structured and consistent manner.
The first step is educating all employees in exposure identification and control. This includes understanding the influences that impact safe decision making, system implementation, and risk management plans. Sustained improvement requires strong governance, verification of critical controls, and worker participation.
DEKRA’s holistic and sustainable model balances analysis with action and speeds time to implementation. It takes into account the need for care, compassion, and context in analyzing previous SIF events and implementing corrective measures. The process also distinguishes between scheduled and unscheduled events to maximize impact.
To reduce subjectivity, DEKRA has created the SIF Potential Indicator , a digital tool that simplifies the process of identifying SIF potential to improve event learning.
No organization can be confident about sending workers home safely unless it has done all it can to identify and control SIF potential exposures. DEKRA’s SIF Prevention™ Services represent the best defense.