DEKRA SIF Prevention™ Services: A Foundation for Sustainable SIF Exposure Control

While workplace fatalities across the U.S. have been flat for 20 years, data shows that about 25 percent of OSHA Recordables have realistic serious injury and fatality (SIF) exposure potential. Organizations that are serious about eliminating SIF incidents understand that all levels need to be engaged. DEKRA's SIF Prevention™ services offers an approach that is tailored to impact and involve all levels of an organization.
To gain the right level of involvement at each level, DEKRA OSR works to determine the pacing and sequencing of each of four SIF cornerstones. The implementation strategy design is highly dependent on an organization’s safety culture maturity and its capacity to absorb new concepts.
The technical white paper, “DEKRA Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) PreventionTM Services: A Foundation for Sustainable SIF Exposure Control,” explores:
  • The Four Cornerstones of DEKRA Organizational and Safety Reliability’s (OSR) SIF Prevention™ Services.
  • Why SIFs cause vulnerabilities within an organization.
  • An explanation of DEKRA OSR’s Executive Leading with Safety® SIF Program and how it helps executives strengthen their personal safety ethic to move the culture in a way that values safety.
  • The ways DEKRA OSR’s SafeAlign System reduces exposure to injury by upgrading safety leadership skills of supervisors and managers by focusing on improving the quality of safety activities, increasing the use of safety leadership best practices, reducing exposure, and building a culture of commitment.
  • The levels of data analyzed during an assessment process and how they are presented to senior leadership.