DEKRA Serious Injury & Fatality Potential Indicator

A New, Free Tool to Identify SIF Potential

Remove the guesswork and accurately determine whether an incident has SIF potential (SIFp)

Now you can:
  • Identify whether your incident has SIFp by selecting from 15 different exposures that organizations across industries can face day-to-day
  • Quickly and accurately determine the SIFp by answering a series of category-specific questions
  • Take the assessment as many times as needed at no cost to you
Please note: The Indicator reflects DEKRA’s understanding of the science and leverages our extensive experience in SIF Prevention. Your organization may take a different view based on your expertise and experience.
Launch the DEKRA SIFp Indicator
DEKRA's online SIFp Indicator tool can help you determine serious injury and fatality exposure potential based on DEKRA's safety expertise. The tool is free to use and you can return to it as many times as you need. Simply bookmark this page and use it whenever you need to determine SIFp.
Launch the DEKRA SIFp Indicator
DEKRA SIF Prevention™ Services
DEKRA’s SIF Prevention Services are focused on saving lives and protecting employees. Our proven solution was developed based on years of experience and enhanced through client feedback. Our Consultants can guide you from assessment to roadmap in as little as six weeks.
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