The Employee Experience Through Organizational Change

Organizations are in constant change to keep up with competitors, new technology, new government policies and regulation, and to survive unforeseen challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.
To adapt and get ahead of the change, all employees—from frontline employees to senior leaders—need to adjust to the new reality. This typically can mean employees learning new ways of doing work to how leaders’ coach and monitor the work. Buy-in is required from all stakeholders and especially from frontline employees who actually do the work and usually have to make the changes.
So how can organizations create a workforce of employees who will ultimately support change?
The path to employee engagement is to carefully listen to employee concerns and respond with meaningful actions to either mitigate or address them. This can only occur in a culture of engagement.
The white paper will explore:
  • How organizations can create a workforce of employees who will ultimately support change.
  • The four categories of a functioning organization.
  • How to create a culture of engagement.
  • How to identify areas that need improvement in your organization.
  • How organizational excellence plays a role in developing a culture of engagement